Buds 'N' Cubs Public school


Registration Open For Pre Nursery to VIII Session 2013-2014

Eligibility for Pre Nursery (2+) Eligibility for Nursery (3+)

Application Forms are available at the school office, between 9am to 3pm on all working days.

From the Heart of Educationist

Dear Parents,

As I look back over the last 8 years, I am possessed by a great feeling of satisfaction to witness that BNC, which began its ife as a tiny sapling has spread its branches and become a huge banyan tree providing quality education and strong foundation to the young of our nation.

The wind of globalization of 21st century is day by day providing threat to mankind, hence at this critical juncture, the need has arisen to negate the undesirable impact of these changes and imbibe the desirable values by providing the life oriented skills.

Children with tender and receptive minds are eager and natural learners. They observe and absorb all around them. We at BNC, encourage their creative spirit by providing them all possible avenues of creativity. We encourage their imagination to spread wings and not restrict their thoughts, let them fly in the sky of imagination as high as possible.

WE wil train the young generation to view life holistically, creatively and philosophically.

I would like to say that your chid is a gift from God. Now let us make chid worthy and this wi be our best gift to God.

A Heartful Thanks!

Preeti Sharma


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