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SRISTI Sanskrit in origin and means creation, Sristi Group founded & headed by Er.V.Senthil Kumar in 2012, Since Inception, the company has always strived for benchmark quality, robust engineering, uncompromising business ethics, timeless values and transparency in all spheres of business conduct.


To be the first choice of Child Care, Play Group, Pre School, After School and Activity Centre for any parent for their children at their places of need.

Offer convenience to Busy, Working, Corporate Parents Give Fun and Excitement of a motherly care for their Children Provide for a Healthier and Happier Homes

Our Ambience

Meet Our Peeps

Our Staff

Our SRISTI BUDS N CUBS staffs are highly qualified, enthusiastic individuals who have opted out of the demanding corporate world to groom their own children and have now volunteered to spend their valuable time with your child. They ensure that your child gets a mother's unconditional love, care, affection patience and they make your child feel at home.SRISTI BUDS N CUBS are assisted by adequately trained service staff.


Our Features are best than any other play schools

  • 9am to 5pm operations ( 8 hours service) ,6 Days a week.
  • Motherly Approach - Unconditional Love, Patience.
  • Age appropriate curriculum
  • Toilet training at our daycare
  • Day Care Closed only for 12 designated Holidays


  • Ample open space - Inside & Outside
  • Plenty of fresh air, light and ventilation
  • Non AC healthy environment
  • Conventional and modern play equipments
  • Standardised facilities
  • Clean, safe and secure environment
  • Activity Room with audio visual facilities
  • Extensively stocked Library
  • Well equipped outdoor play area
  • Shaded Garden

Our Timings

Day Care

18 months onwards until 10 years (8.00am to 5.30pm)

Play Group

18 months onwards until 30 months (9.30 to 12.00 pm)

Pre School

24 months onwards until School(9.30 to 12.00 pm)

Our best works

More than 10 years expirience and something else

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Play Group


During the initial years, children must be in an environment that enhances their major domains of growth physical, motor, comprehension and communication skills. This is done by providing those adequateexperienceswith objects, and in interactions. They involve in activities which appeal to their basic playful nature.

We have designed a theme based curriculum with expert guidance to,

  • Introduce themes and help children learn concepts
  • Foster the growth and development of all the domains of children.
  • Give opportunities for children for self exploration, experiencing and learning.
  • Play based learning is encouraged.
  • Circle time to promote self esteem, language and group learning

Pre School


The child's development can be thought of in different domains which are interrelated and interdependent and interact with each other. Modern thinking on education affirms that the goal of teaching - learning process is to teach children "how to learn", that is, to explore, discover and practise to understand the world around.

We have designed a theme based curriculum with expert guidance to

  • Theme based learning to help in concepts formation and understanding the world
  • Important festival days and colour day celebration to build moral values and cultural integrity
  • School Readiness with activities to learn introduction of self, alphabets, colours, shapes, rhymes
  • Activities to foster the growth and development of all the domains of children.
  • Give opportunities for children for self exploration, experiencing and learning.
  • Circle time to promote self esteem, language and group learning

Learning Through Play

Development in each domain can be fostered by giving each child a chance to participate in play based activities.

Features & Benefits

Our Features and Benefits are unique when compare to other schools!

Day Care - For Children between 18 months until School

Features Benefits
9 am - 5 pm service 12 hr service Be on time to work. If delayed, your child is in safe hands
6 days a week Day care convenience to parents on Saturdays
Closed on 12 designated holidays We work when parents work
Play, Pre School option. No school Our structured learning program for "Go to school" ready children to compliment regular schools.
Learning, Activity , Play Time All around developmental focus
Compulsory outdoor play Faster brain development, fine & large motor skills, body immunity
Toilet training at centre Children are trained out of Diaper habit
Washing and grooming done after sleep, play hours A child is made to look fresh when parents come to pick them.

After School

Features Benefits
12 noon to 5 pm Service until 5pm, convenience to busy, working parents
Homework assistance and exam To groom children to perform well in academics support
Reading Corner Library time to develop Reading habit
Outdoor Activities between 4-6pm Activities to foster Physical, Social skills and Immunity
In house multi skill learning centre Hobbies, Sports, Leisure and non-schooling extra curricular activities

Happy Time

It is a special time for sharing, finger play, chants, rhymes, songs, play instruments, read a story, participate in movement games and relaxation activities. Circle time provides time for listening, develop attention span, promote oral communication, and learn new concepts and skills.

Contact Us

We are aways open to your questions and comments

Contact info

We guarantee the best of child care services and we strive for your complete satisfaction! If for any reason you are not satisfied or have any issues or suggestions or feedback, please contact our Customer Care so that we may resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

We encourage parents to call and give us suggestions, feedback, share their excitement and concerns with us.Our Center Heads call and speak to all the parents during the 15th and 25th of every month to improve our Quality of Service

The response from the Center Head to any complaints is within 4 hours and the issue management will be done within 8 hours.

Call between 9am to 5pm - +91 9578 024 024
Write to: customercare@budsncubs.in